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List of Our Churches in Haiti

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    Why we build churches

    Some people think Americans go to Haiti to erect monuments to themselves, and that the Haitian people could be helped far more effectively by other endeavors than building buildings.  In some cases they are correct, but not in ours.  In the rural areas of Haiti concrete buildings are rare.  Most structures are made of sticks and palm branches.  But when the people consider which church they will go to or whether to send their youngsters to school-- a concrete structure, complete with roof, windows, doors, floor & paint is a significant draw.  They equate to a large degree an attractive, complete, concrete building with the authenticity of what is being taught there.  So therefore, one of our major activities is to build churches-- specifically so the people will come to hear the Gospel.  Many of the churches where noted double as schools during the week where children are taught about Jesus every day.  

    Listed below are the churches and schools we have either built entirely by ourselves, or had a substantial part in completing or repairing.  Each one tells a story and each one is special to us.  So we hope you enjoy reading about them.


  • Gaspart

    Gaspart has a special place in our heart. Not only is it the home town of Madam Pastor Sidoine (Pastor Sidoine's wife), but it is also the first church we built, and the place where Pastor Kirby first passed out gift packages to the children and realized what a profound ministry God had revealed. It remains a thriving church and school today and will always be a destination we love to "stop by" to share the Gospel.

  • La Victoire

    Our history with La Victoria goes back to 1998 when Pastor Jephthe stood in an empty field and prayed that the Lord would supply the funds to build a church and school on the location. Both the church and school have grown substantially over the years and continue to be well-attended today.

  • La Belle Mer

    We have been going to La Belle Mer since 2000 or so.  It is difficult to get to as it is about a mile on the other side of a river and often the river swells and is unpassable.  We helped build this church very early in the ministry and then made multiple trips there to improve the building, share the Gospel and conduct medical clinics.

  • Haut Savanette

    Haut Savanette is another church we have been frequenting since the earliest days of the ministry. The first time we stopped by with a team was in 2004 to share the Gospel with the children. But the church has been there at least since 2001 and has the distinction of being the first church Pastor Kirby every preached in.

  • Acassia

    Accassia is a church, school and medical clinic where we have a long history of involvement. Starting as early as 2004, and continuing to the present, we have made many trips and taken a multitude of teams to build, pour concrete floors, paint, evangelize, preach and provide medical aid to the people of Accasia.

  • Terre Blanche

    In 2006 we built the original church building and sent a team to build and install the roof. In subsequent years it was completed with floor, doors, windows, stucco and paint.

  • La Fontaine

    La Fontaine is on the side of the road that leads to La Victoria just under 2 miles east of Pignon. We built the church in 2006 with our first team in January and then worshiped with them with our second team in February. The worship service was one of the most memorable we have had.

  • Bas Savanette

    Bas Savanette is a small church about 5 miles North of Pignon. We took a team there in 2008 to pour a concrete floor.

  • Savant Rouge

    Savant Rouge is a small church in a rural area to the North West of Pignon. Our team laid the foundation for the church in 2008 and we later provided funds to complete the building.